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Thousands of Foster Mops sold across the country! We service Pro Teams, Universities, local Colleges, High Schools, Gyms, Churches and more!

Why Choose Fosters? 
Foster specializes in athletic flooring. It's what we do, and we
 have been doing it for almost 100 years. At Foster's, we pride ourselves on customer service. We stand by our products. 

What's Included:     
14" Backboard Cleaning tool
8' Extendable Pole
1 tack towel
1 Ettore 16-fl oz Glass Cleaner
1 Spray Bottle

2-in-1 Backboard Cleaner Kit

Our 14" Backboard Cleaning tool combines a microfiber scrubber and rubber squeegee for easy, convenient backboard cleaning. The Kit contains everything you'll need to clean your backboards in one box. You'll receive the Scrubber/Squeegee attachment, 4'-8' Telescopic Pole, a tack towel, 16oz spray bottle, and 1-Ettore 16oz Glass Cleaner so you can get to cleaning right away!

8-Foot Extended Reach

The Foster Backboard Cleaner easily attaches to the Connect & Clean telescopic pole included in the kit which extends your reach up to 8 feet. Great for hard-to-reach surfaces, like high outdoor windows, without the need of a ladder. The pole's anodized aluminum construction is strong but lightweight. The unique locking mechanism keeps the scrubber/squeegee and pole securely connected.

Microfiber Sleeve

The microfiber sleeve holds up to 6x more water than an ordinary cloth and is machine washable up to 100 cycles.

Ettore 16-floz Glass Cleaner
The perfect solution to use with our Foster Backboard Cleaner. Better results than with ammonia-based solutions and paper towels. Squeegee off miracle window cleaning soap will give you professional results in half the time.


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