There are more and more people with disabilities actively looking for an ADA compliant exercise facility, not to mention those actively involved in exercise programs and strength training programs.

Martial arts academies, dojos, kickboxing and karate studios are not immune to federal and state accessibility laws with regard to American’s with Disability Act (ADA) compliance.



EntryLevel™ Landings are the first and only prefabricated product designed to assure compliance with ADA regulations and access code laws at most door entrances.  One of the largest code violations occurring in the building industry today is the lack of a level landing area at doorways.  In many commercial and public main entrances, it is required that there is a level maneuverable clearance area.  Imagine a door threshold product that can be installed in minutes made from 100% green sustainable materials at a fraction of the cost of concrete demolition and construction.

CourtEdge™ Reducer Ramps are designed to remove vertical barriers and be affixed to the vertical sides of sport flooring, synthetic fields, gyms, martial arts studios, bowling alleys, dance floors or any other raised platforms which are in need of a smooth transition up from the subfloor.  Our products are easily installed and can be cut-to-fit in the field.  Our reducers do not have weight bearing limitations.  Whether the application is interior or exterior, CourtEdge™ Reducers will not freeze, crack or splinter like other flooring transition products and never require the use of mechanical fasteners.




TurfEdge™ Reducer Ramps are designed to remove vertical barriers and “finish the edge” around synthetic turf fields which are in need of a smooth transition.  Our TurfEdge™ Reducers are easily installed and can be cut-to-fit on site.  TurfEdge™ Reducers do not have weight limitations, will not crack or freeze and never require the use of mechanical fasteners.  Available in various heights, TurfEdge™ Reducers offer a safe edge for sporting activities and replaces asphalt and concrete curbs that can be dangerous and may result in injury.


BigHorn™ Ramps use advanced recycled composite technology offering the newest in safe, light-weight residential threshold transitions with heavy load capabilities.  Designed for superior slip-resistance, our StoneCap™ Coating technology incorporates ceramic coated quartz crystals, offering an enduring surface that is UV stable and guaranteed not to crack or fade.