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“perseverance is the essence of life”: in faith, in family, in business, and in the pursuit of a lifetime of fitness

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In the early 1920’s a young Canadian immigrant, of Scottish decent, moved to mid-town Detroit, Michigan. He found employment working on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company; however to fulfill his heart’s desire, he took additional employment at a small floor-covering store. In 1924 C.G. Foster realized his vision of owning his own business and opened the Foster For Floors company on Hamilton Avenue in Detroit. His Mission was simple “To provide people with quality flooring and services at a fair price.” Consequently, the motto he lived his entire life by was: “Perseverance is the Essence of Life.”

In 1947 Morley E. Foster joined his father in the flooring business, and under his leadership the family began to concentrate on the sports flooring Industry. They were the first company in America to install, in a single year, $1,000,000.00 worth of 3M “Tartan” synthetic floors in the late 1960s. Through America’s love affairs with Tennis, Racquetball, Roller Skating, and Basketball the Foster family continued to persevere to amass a wealth of knowledge concerning sports surfaces, lifetime fitness, and the complexity of human bio-mechanics.ence of Life.”

Respectively, in 1974 and 1978 Michael S. Foster and Douglas A. Foster joined the family sports flooring business. By this time Americans were becoming more concered about their ability to participate in lifelong fitness programs. Consequently, we learned much about the dynamics of a floor's shock absorption and friction coefficient in relation to the human bio-structure. 

Perseverance in the science of athletic surfaces has led to safer and higher performing floors, while perseverance towards excellence in supplying these surfaces has made Foster Specialty Floors one of the Nation's leaders in the sports flooring arena. 

In 2014 the Fosters’ celebrated the family’s 90th anniversary, as well as our fourth generation of ownership, in the hardwood flooring industry. The company is now owned and operated by Dawn Foster, Michael Foster, Jordan Foster, and Benjamin Vanaman. Today like the founder, C.G. Foster, the family motto remains the same: “perseverance is the essence of life”: in faith, in family, in business, and in the pursuit of a lifetime of fitness.

Exclusive Robbins Sports Surfaces Dealer Foster Specialty Floors
Foster Specialty Floors member of the  Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA)
Foster Specialty Floors is DIN certified.
Foster Specialty Floors Performance & Uniformity Rating Sport Specific Standards
Foster Specialty Floors member of the American Sports Builders Association
Foster Specialty Floors The Wood and Synthetic Flooring Institute (WSFI)
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