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Welcome to the Tech Tips content of our website. It is our goal that the data herein will give you the knowledge to

understand the complexities of athletic / performing arts surfaces and the science behind the safety and

performance characteristics we have designed into our systems. For almost 100 years we have dedicated

ourselves to designing and installing flooring systems that provide Safety, Performance, and Longevity for

the athlete or performer. Thank you.


The better question is “what is the best gym floor for YOU?” Generally, the best gym floor for you is one that has been specifically designed for the weight of the athlete that will provide a safe shock absorption value and uniformity of play.There are dozens of different construction designs of gym floors, using either wood or synthetic components. These designs have taken into account the end user’s body mass from 50 to 260+ pounds....



There are many variables that can effect the final cost of a gym floor. For example, the size of the room, performance dynamics of the various components, and artwork just to name a few. However, in general a maple gym floor can cost from $11.00 to $25.00 per square foot installed. A synthetic gym floor can cost from $8.00 to $15.00 per square foot installed.

Other factors that can modify the financial impact of a gym floor......

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Best Floor
Floor Costs

The primary causes of injuries on sports floors are a lack of uniformity, poor shock absorption values, and poor coefficient of friction.

Therefore, we recommend a playing surface that is designed for uniformity of play first and foremost. Our brains are able to adjust biomechanically to a hard or soft surface as long as that surface is consistent. However, if the surface is inconsistent...

Floor Safety
Caring for your floor


There are stark differences between the daily maintenance of a wood and synthetic gym floor. We do not recommend the regular use of a power scrubber on a wood gym floor, yet this is the preferred method of cleaning for a synthetic gym floor. Dust and dirt will damage the finish and affect the safe playability....

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