What does a gym floor cost?

There are many variables that can effect the final cost of a gym floor. For example, the size of the room, performance dynamics of the various components, and artwork just to name a few. However, in general a maple gym floor can cost from $11.00 to $25.00 per square foot installed. A synthetic gym floor can cost from $8.00 to $15.00 per square foot installed.

Other factors that can modify the financial impact of a gym floor purchase are items such as: system design, the condition of the concrete slab, moisture content of the building, the HVAC system, floor graphics, staining, logos, and construction timetable.

Additionally, we would suggest one considers the life cycle costs of such a purchase in the decision making process. For example, a maple gym floor needs to be recoated every year whereas a synthetic floor needs to be refurbished only once every 12 to 15 years. Some synthetic gym floors cannot be refurbished; but rather, need to be replaced when showing signs of wear.

Please contact us with your specific needs concerning your sports flooring and we can help you
make an educated decision on which design is best for you.

What does it cost to recoat a maple gym floor?

Annual recoating costs of a maple gym floor vary depending on room size and the type of gym finished used. Generally, a single of coat of oil modified finish should cost $.30 - $.50 per square foot. One the other hand, when using water-based finishes, it is recommended that two coats be applied. That carries a cost of $.50 - $.65 per square foot.

Annual recoating of a gym floor requires proper preparation of the existing finish to insure a good chemical and mechanical bond between the old and new finishes. With the recent increase in hand sanitizers and disinfectants used in public buildings, proper preparation of the existing finish is critical to prevent future peeling finish.

There are dozens of different formulations available for both oil and water-base finishes today. We caution facilities against coating over a water base coating with an oil finish. One can successfully recoat water based finish over oil, but not the other way around. Additionally, each State has different environmental regulations that require specific VOC limits on coatings. We suggest you familiarize yourself with these regulations for your State before purchasing gym finish.


We recommend the use of gym finish that has been approved by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association.