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When DISASTER strikes...Call the experts at Foster Specialty Floors!

Hurricane Damage - Tornado / Storm Damage - Broken Water Pipe - Leaky Roof

Wood & Water Don’t Mix!


Floods and natural disasters can wreak havoc on wood floors, and as we all know, water is the mortal enemy of wood. And the longer water sits on the hardwood floor, the more extensive the damage will likely be. Depending on the extent of the damage and response time, it is possible that a hardwood gymnasium floor can be re-sanded and refinished without issue. Immediately following a disaster, contact Foster Specialty Foors to assess the damage. The gymnasium will then be dried out in an attempt to restore moisture levels in the wooden components to normal. This will be determined through moisture testing. At this time, we will also determine if the floor should be dried out further, or the next steps for refinishing or replacing the floor. 



What to do when your gym floor is damaged:


1.     If applicable, locate the water source and shut it off immediately.

2.     Use a shop-vac to remove all standing water.

3.     Remove wall base.

4.     Turn the heat on in the building.

5.     Call Foster Specialty Floors at 888-66-FLOOR.

6.     We will bring large circulating fans to increase airflow movement in the room.

7.     Contact your insurance agent. 



Alternative Floor Solutions

While there is no comparison to a high quality hardwood gymnasium floor, synthetic flooring is a popular alternative for facilities at a higher risk for water damage. Facilities located in “Tornado Alley” or along the Gulf Coast are good candidates for RobbinsPulastic® synthetic flooring, a padded poured-in-place polyurethane floor. These multi-purpose floors are extremely durable and in many cases, after flooding, can be quickly mopped, repaired, & are then good to go again.

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