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Our Rubber Floor Systems are the ideal rubber products that provides maximum comfort underfoot & absorbs the shock of training impact. These durable rubber surfaces can be customized by color and size, and are ideal for weight rooms, cardio areas, aerobics or fitness, strength & conditioning, fieldhouses, track, home garages, and other multi-purpose areas. 



Robbins offers some of the safest, most durable cardio fitness and weight-room flooring in the industry. Highly customizable and providing cushioned comfort, Galaxy® floor systems hold up to intense use year after year without losing its structural integrity or performance. And, they’re easy to clean and hygienic.


Robbins’ highly durable Durathon® systems offer excellent force reduction to prevent long-term micro-injuries while providing superior energy restitution to deliver outstanding athletic performance. These sturdy workhorses feature textured surfaces ideal for a variety of spike and non-spike track and field activities; Durathon® Elite Track can be used indoors or out.


Foster Specialty Floors offers a wide array of Synthetic Turf Flooring systems for a variety of sports including; soccer, volleyball courts, gymnasiums, aerobics & dance floor, cardio & fitness, and more. Each system may be designed to fit your budget, facility, and activity needs.

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