Chances are if you are looking to update your current Racquetball Court, you probably have a Anchored Lock Tight System in place. Your system is measuring in at 1 1/2in tall. If you are looking to update your space with no major changes we can help with that. If you are looking for a full overhall of your space, the systems below are the perfect fit for your needs. 



The sports flooring industry’s first truly bio-mechanically designed and tested suspended maple flooring system, Bio-Cushion Classic has become one of the most popular resilient systems available.  The Bio-Cushion system is bio-mechanically engineered for enhanced comfort and performance levels for athletes of all levels.

Air Channel Classic takes commodity floating sleeper system technology and adds a whole new dimension of resilience and uniformity. This economical suspended system features enhanced pad components for added value in a basic commodity design.  The double profiled, cavity-backed, 7/16″ EPDM rubber Bio-Pads offers greater durability and higher performance values than most commodity pad designs.


Robbins Air-Channel Star system features anchored laminated sleepers to provide a system with dimensional stability and superior performance.  The Air-Channel Star sleepers are laminated and engineered to be less susceptible to physical changes due to moisture compared to solid softwood sleepers. Air-Channel Star is a proven performer and an excellent choice for your gymnasium project.

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