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Oil-Modified Wood Seal - Bona Sport

Oil-Modified Wood Seal - Bona Sport


Bona Sport Seal is an oil-modified sealer for use over newly sanded sport and all-purpose floors. Formulated for use with Bona Sport Poly and Bona All Court Poly. Seals the wood, providing a build layer and prevents the finish from penetrating. Bona Sport Seal meets the federal and most state clean air quality standards.




  • Formulated for use with Bona Sport® Sport Poly and Bona Sport® All Court® Poly

  • Oil-modified polyurethane sport floor sealer

  • Seals the wood, providing a build layer and prevents the finish from penetrating

  • Does not require thinning under normal environmental and application conditions

  • For use over newly sanded sport floors




Physical Characteristics:

IIngredients – Oil-modifed polyurethane resin, mineral spirits (solvent), driers, defoamers.
Color – Light amber
Solids – 43%
Density – 7.3 lbs./gallon (.88 S.G.)
US Regulatory VOC – 500 g/L
Viscosity – (#4 Ford cup @ 25° C) approx. 17 seconds
Odor – Mineral spirits
Stability – 1 year shelf life in unopened container
Flash Point – 110º F (42ºC)
Packaging – 5-gallon pail
Application Characteristics:
Clarity – Clear when dry
Leveling – Good
Defoaming – Good
Drying Time – 8-12 hours
Application Tools – Brush, lambswool applicator
Coverage – 500-600 square feet per gallon
Percent Cured After 24 Hours – N/A
Maximum Cure – 2 weeks


Recommended Use

  • Basketball courts

  • Volleyball courts

  • Racquetball, squash and badminton courts

  • Multi-purpose gym, stage, aerobic and dance floors



species, especially on oily and resinous types. ALWAYS PREPARE A SAMPLE OR TEST AREA
SANDING AND FINISHING NEW FLOORS: 1. Sand and prepare floor using MFMA-accepted
methods.. 2. Make your final cut with 100-120-grit paper. Screen with 100-120-grit screen. 3.
Vacuum thoroughly. 4. Tack with mineral spirits. 5. Apply sealer and finish system (see finish
BONA SPORT SEAL SYSTEM: Bona Sport Seal is a 4 coat system. 2 coats of Bona Sport Seal,
Bona CourtLines paint (if desired) and 2 coats of a Bona Sport finish.
RECOMMENDED APPLICATORS: Heavy weight T-bar, Lambs wool applicator.
NOTE: Use a clean applicator for sealer and a separate clean applicator for finish.
MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Remove lid and stir thoroughly before using. DO NOT THIN.

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