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Bona All Court Polyurethane Finish

Bona All Court Polyurethane Finish


Bona All Court® Polyurethane is a premium quality, oil-modified polyurethane developed specifically for the wood sport floor industry. All Court® provides an extremely tough, high build gloss finish with superior flow and leveling. 




  • Provides a tough protective coat

  • Provides excellent chemical resistance

  • Superior flow and leveling

  • Protects against perspiration and routine cleaning

  • Light amber color enhances natural color of wood

  • MFMA approved

  • Easy to maintain Available in gloss

  • Will adhere to most solvent-based and waterborne finishes after proper preparation, drying, and curing times 




Physical Characteristics:

Ingredients – Oil-modified polyurethane resin, mineral spirits (solvent), driers.

Color – Light amber

Solids – 43%

Viscosity – (#4 Ford cup @ 25° C) approx. 14-16 seconds

Density – 7.3 lbs./gallon (0.9 S.G.)

US Regulatory VOC – 500 g/L

Gloss Level (60º) – 90+

Odor – Mineral spirits

Stability – One year shelf life in unopened container

Flash Point - 103ºF (39ºC)

Packaging – 5-gallon pail


Application Characteristics:

Clarity – Clear when dry

Leveling – Excellent

Defoaming – Excellent

Drying Time – 8-12 hours

Application Tools – Brush, lambswool applicator

Coverage – 600 square feet per gallon

Percent Cured After 24 Hours – 50%

Maximum Cure – 2 weeks


Recommended Use

  • Basketball courts

  • Volleyball courts

  • Racquetball, squash and badminton courts

  • Multi-purpose gym, stage, aerobic and dance floors 



COMPATIBILITY: Bona All Court® is not recommended over shellac, lacquer sanding sealers, fillers or stains containing stearates. Oil modified finishes will have a slight ambering effect over light colored surfaces. Bona All Court will adhere to most finishes after proper preparation and dry times. ALWAYS PREPARE A SAMPLE OR TEST AREA TO DETERMINE COMPATIBILITY, APPEARANCE AND DESIRED RESULTS.


SANDING AND FINISHING NEW FLOORS: 1. Sand and prepare floor using MFMA-accepted methods.. 2. Make your final cut with 100-120-grit paper. Screen with 100-120-grit screen. 3. Vacuum thoroughly. 4. Tack with mineral spirits. 5. Apply sealer and finish system (see finish directions).


THE BONA COURTLINES® PAINT SYSTEM:  Bona All Court is a 4-coat system, 1-2 coats of a Bona oil- modified sport sealer, CourtLines paint (if desired) and 2-3 coats of Bona All Court.


MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Remove lid and stir thoroughly before using. DO NOT THIN.


FINISHING: 1. Apply Bona ALL COURT with a heavy weight T-bar applicator. Go with the grain of the wood applying a thin, uniform coat. 2. BE SURE YOU ARE USING THE RECOMMENDED COVERAGE OF 600 SQ FT PER GALLON. 3. Avoid leaving puddles of excessive amounts of finish on the floor. 4. Allow first coat to dry thoroughly (approximately 8-12 hours). High humidity and/or low temperature conditions will extend dry time while increased ventilation and airflow will reduce dry time (recommended conditions of 65-80°F (18°-27° C)/40-60% relative humidity). 5. For proper adhesion, abrade between coats of finish. Allow final coat to dry a minimum of 72 hours before use.

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