What's Included in Your Mop Kit? The Basic Foster DUO-26x17 Sweat Mop has 2 - 26" x 17" bases. Our mop base is constructed with Dibond material. The Foster logo is then digitally printed onto the base and laminated. ​Your kit also includes a telescoping handle that extends up to six feet. ​The Basic Foster DUO-26x17 Sweat Mop will come with 6 - highly absorbent microfiber pads that attach by industrial grade Velcro for easy removal and laundering. Note: This mop is NOT custom and will print with a Foster Standard Logo. For a Custom Mop please choose CUSTOM DUO-26X17


2 - Basic Foster-26x17 Mop Base

2 - Telescoping Mop Pole

6 - 26"x5" Highly Absorbent Microfiber Mop Pads


Replacement Pads
  • These pads can be laundered up to 300x if the recommended cleaning instructions are followed. Do NOT use Bleach or Fabric Softener. When washing do not wash with other cotton products. ​

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