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The Best Floor Ever Made. Period.

Only the PATENTED MVP® system by Robbins is tuned specifically to take your athletic performance, safety and comfort to maximum levels. This unique one-of-a-kind floor system is like no other sports floor design!

Independent research by human performance/biomechanics expert, Dr. Benno Nigg, shows that the MVP system is “in a special category by itself” and the difference in MVP “was substantial with respect to damping time, vibration frequency, and uniformity”.

MVP - High Performance, Performance Certified, Vibration Damping





MVP circle flooring close up detail


When Robbins introduced the European DIN material testing concept to North America in 1988, it revolutionized the way

people evaluated sports floors and the very science by which those floors were designed.  Now Robbins' has made another

quantum leap in addressing comfort and fatigue, once again advancing the science of sports flooring designs.


Our MVP system not only focuses on optimizing biomechanical interaction between athlete and floor by minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity, but is also one of the first in its class to pass stringent MFMA standards and is PUR Compliant.  The MFMA PUR certification ensures sports floors are constructed with standards that provide the highest level of safety, reliability, and performance for athletes. Robbins continues to be the leader in sports flooring and is proud to become one of the first manufacturers to pass MFMA PUR standards, providing excellent strength and longevity to competitive sports surfaces

MVP Wood Flooring Detail

System Feature Build up

(From top to bottom):










Finish – MFMA approved floor finish

Gameslines – Compatible Gameline Paint

Sealer – MFMA approved floor sealer

Flooring – 25/32″ Random Length (RL) or upgraded 1/2 (13mm) or 25/32' (20mm) Continuous Strip® XL Finger-Jointed(FJ), MFMA Northern Hard Strip Maple Flooring

Flooring Fastener – 1 3/4' (44mm) staples or flooring cleats

Subfloor – 1 layer of nominal 3/4' x 24' x 96' (9mm x 60cm x 2438mm), Exposure 1,rated subfloor sheathing 

Anchor - Anchor spike and retainer

Subfloor - Fully laminated MVP panel with build in resilient layer

Vapor Retarder - 6 mil polyethylene film

System Height 

2 5/8'(67mm) with 1/2'(13mm) thick Flooring

2 7/8'(73mm) with 25/32'(20mm) thick Flooring

3 1/8'(79mm) with 33/32'(26mm) thick Flooring

Proven Safety

Robbins’ innovative design focuses on optimizing biomechanical interaction between athlete and floor by minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity, while maintaining proper energy return. As a result, Robbins MVP system improves performance, comfort, and safety.

Proven Performance

  • Ultimate safety and comfort with ‘MVP’ Maximum Vibration Control

  • Optimal vibration damping

  • Tuning of MVP eliminates resonance frequencies

  • Absolute uniformity through patented innovative system design

  • Continuous laminated subfloor panels

  • Anchored via the resilient layer, no hard connections to active layers

  • Factory manufactured subfloor

  • Unparalleled game-play response through unique design

  • Extreme Uniformity of Ball Bounce, Deflection and Force Reduction – Superior Athletic Performance

  • Heavy load capable  –  Designed for easy load accommodation


zero g shockpad - Floor Sytem Technology

Zero/G® Shockpad

Zero/G Shockpad is the ultimate in vibration control and features an open cell foam technology that prevents pad compression to ensure consistent floor performance after years of continuous use. Zero/G Shockpad works well in areas that are prone to natural water disasters and is designed to absorb and contain water to one area of the floor during a disaster. It also has a built in anti-bacterial additive to prevent fungus growth from exposure to moisture.

anchored resilient - Floor Sytem Technology

Anchored Resilient

Robbins Anchored Resilient gym floor systems are permanent floor systems that are anchored to the substrate. Anchoring a sports floor ensures stability and a uniform playing surface that is less likely to have “dead spots”.

continuous subfloor - Floor Sytem Technology

Continuous Subfloor

Continuous Subfloor technology creates a consistent and uniform playing surface that is ideal for facilities that have heavy equipment or loads that could impact the floor. A Continuous Subfloor minimizes the risk of damage to the floor surface and subfloor under exposure to excessive weight.

cnc manufactured subfloor - Floor Sytem Technology

CNC Manufactured Subfloor

Robbins CNC Manufactured Subfloors are manufactured in our Michigan plant with the latest CNC technology for high tolerance and precise subfloor design and construction. CNC technology ensures subfloors are pre-cut and pre-assembled with the highest quality, lessening the risk of installation error and deficiencies in floor performance.





Highest grade is the clearest, most uniform in appearance and is practically free of all defects. Slight shadows and color variations may occur with the use of some finishes.

The most common grade has more variation in color than 1st grade. Clear or white boards can be mixed with amber ones. Slight streaks and knots are admitted, but not on the ends or edges of the strips.

This grade presents a greater variation in color and contrast, accentuates the wood grain and enhances design options, including the Boston Square® option.

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