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Welcome to our Learning Hub. It is our desire that this site allows you to gain knowledge, not just data, about the

science behind sports / performing arts flooring and our products. For almost 100 years our family has believed

an “educated customer is the best customer”, even if you choose to purchase your surface from someone else.

We trust you will find the enclosed information helpful in your decision. Thank you.


Welcome to the Tech Tips content of our website. It is our goal that the data herein will give you

the knowledge to understand the complexities of athletic / performing arts surfaces and the

science behind the safety and performance characteristics we have designed into our systems.

For almost 100 years we have dedicated ourselves to designing and installing.....

Tech Topics


The following MFMA position statements were created to assist in the education of maple athletic flooring. They are created for those who do not have a detailed knowledge of the construction and/or post installation use and maintenance of athletic floors. Information contained herein is based on best industry practices and knowledge, however the MFMA, its members and employees, do not warrant the information contained herein as proper under all conditions. The MFMA reserves the right to revise these position statements as necessary. Questions concerning information contained in these position statements should be directed to Foster Specialty Floors. Please call Fosters at (888) 66-FLOOR or EMAIL us here.

MFMA Position Statements

Our videos section is a window a few of our jobs. Watch us from beginning to end. See how the process takes place. We pride ourselves on flooring installation and maintenance excellence. 

Project Videos


A collection of floors that we have completed. Search by Flooring type, System name, Facility name, Floor colors, Stain, Logon and Mascot

Project Galley
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Use our innovative and interactive website to design and layout your floor. Choose room size and court layout. Add your schools logo and text. 

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