If your facility may be subjected to heavy loads, the Eclipse SB system is for you! Eclipse SB takes the standard Eclipse system and adds a floor load handling feature to it.  The “SB” stands for “Self Blocking”.    This limits the overall deflection of the subfloor during heavy loads.  Essentially, the resilient subfloor is designed to “bottom out” on the concrete slab during excessive loading from bleachers, portable basketball goals, and heavy equipment.  However, the system performs like the standard Eclipse system during athletic play.

Eclipse Self Blocking - Heavy Load Support, Strength & Durability, Customer Favorite




eclipse self Blocking wood circle detail


Safe guards the well-being of the athlete


Passes ALL global performance standards worldwide, including the stringent MFMA 3rd party certification, PUR, which is strongly governed by the MFMA


Continuous interwoven subfloor design is perfect for carrying heavy loads


System “bottoms” out on itself during heavy rolling or static loads


Elongated anchor slots allow lateral movement to reduce build up of stress, maintaining structural integrity


Anchored for dimensional stability and uniformity for long -term superior game play


Computer-assisted manufacturing technology for quality assurance

Eclipse Self Blocking Flooring Detail

Proven Safety

  • Self Blocking feature limits compression, protecting  the system integrity when subjected to heavy rolling loads.

Proven Performance

  • Handles heavy loads, the ‘SB’ feature allows system to bottom out during excessive loading.

  • Superior performance, meets all requirements of MFMA PUR, DIN, ASTM and EN standards.

  • Complete uniformity of game play performance.

  • Economical



continuous subfloor - floor system technology

Continuous Subfloor

Continuous Subfloor technology creates a consistent and uniform playing surface that is ideal for facilities that have heavy equipment or loads that could impact the floor. A Continuous Subfloor minimizes the risk of damage to the floor surface and subfloor under exposure to excessive weight.

anchored resilient - floor system technology

Anchored Resilient

Robbins Anchored Resilient gym floor systems are permanent floor systems that are anchored to the substrate. Anchoring a sports floor ensures stability and a uniform playing surface that is less likely to have “dead spots”.

low profile icon - floor system technology

Low Profile

Robbins Low Profile systems are designed for facilities that do not have a slab depression in their current athletic space. Low profile systems are shorter in height and easier to ramp for transitioning to other areas. Perfect for retrofit installations as well.

self blocking icon - floor system technology

Self Blocking

The built in Self Blocking feature limits floor deflection and is designed to “bottom out” under heavy loads. When heavy equipment like scissor lifts are driven over a sports floor, the floor can only deflect or bend so much before damage occurs. Self Blocking is built into the floor at the factory level to ensure proper subfloor construction that lowers the risk of damage from heavy equipment.





Highest grade is the clearest, most uniform in appearance and is practically free of all defects. Slight shadows and color variations may occur with the use of some finishes.

The most common grade has more variation in color than 1st grade. Clear or white boards can be mixed with amber ones. Slight streaks and knots are admitted, but not on the ends or edges of the strips.

This grade presents a greater variation in color and contrast, accentuates the wood grain and enhances design options, including the Boston Square® option.