For the ultimate competition floor, Bio-Channel systems have repeatedly proven their safety and performance in the NBA and the NCAA; the best athletes know Bio-Channel produces winners. Combining the benefits of anchored and

resilient systems, Bio-Channel floors have exceptional shock absorption, ball bounce, vibration damping and

great load-bearing capacity.




  • Zero/G® Shockpad is the ultimate in vibration control and ensures consistent floor performance after years of continuous use

  • Continuous subfloor supports heavy loads, gym equipment, and bleachers

  • Versatility makes it suitable for a variety of applications and a customer favorite

Bio Channel Star Wood Flooring Detail
Bio Channel Star - High performance, recycled content, vibration damping


  • Durable anchored construction means long lifespan and low lifecycle costs

  • Only shimmable floor system available to counteract the effects of uneven slabs

  • Original design with superior safety and performance that makes it a preferred choice by hundreds of top NBA and NCAA programs

Bio Channel Classic - Heavy Load Support, Unevn Slabs, Cutomer Favorite
Bio Channel Classic Wood Flooring Detail
Bio Channel Self Blocking Wood Flooring Detail


  • The built in Self Blocking (SB) feature limits floor deflection and is designed to “bottom out” under heavy loads

  • Robbins CNC Manufactured Technology ensures subfloors are pre-cut and pre-assembled with the highest quality, lessening the risk of installation error and deficiencies in floor performance

  • Meets and exceeds all 3rd party industry standards for optimal safety and performance

Bio Channel Self Blocking - Performance Certified, Heavy Load Support, Low Profile