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Edain Mod 4.5 Download




Take the field with a new AI companion that will help you manage your campaigns. Choose from a roster of over 20 heroes from the original game and play solo or with friends in multiplayer! The Edain mod for the First Battle for Middle-earth mod was created to be a great alternative experience to the original Battles for Middle-earth mod. The mod is available for free here. I hope you will enjoy it, and I would like to see you on the battlefield with your own brothers and their companions. If you have any feedback please leave them in the comments below or send them to me via email at [email protected] Some improvements were made with this version over the original mod. Mainly the inclusion of heroes from Shadow of Mordor, such as the Ranger and the Witch Hunter. These heroes were created with the intention of giving the player more options to choose from and still have the Battle for Middle-earth feel. The Ranger was put in the middle slot as a balance choice between the Fighter, the Wizard and the Cavalier, with the Witch Hunter as the replacement for the Bard. One of the new additions was the inclusion of the Witch Huntress from Shadow o