CourtLines Sport Floor Paint is a high-solids, fast-drying, solvent-based sport floor paint, manufactured specifically for use with both waterborne and oil-modified sport floor sealers and finishes. Available in fifteen vibrant primary colors, all CourtLines paints are blendable to achieve an endless array of custom colors.




• Specifically formulated for sport game lines, lettering, and logos

• Use with Bona waterborne or oil-modified finishes

• Very low odor - does not contain Xylene

• Fast drying with 24 hour recoat

• High solids

• Low viscosity

• Excellent flow and leveling

• 15 vibrant colors, blendable for an unlimited possibility of custom color




Physical Characteristics:

Ingredients – Alkyd resins, odourless mineral spirits, pigments, driers, titanium dioxide

Base Colors – Red, yellow, green, lt. blue, dark blue, orange, brown, black, white, gold, maroon, purple, lt. beige, gray, NC blue

Odor – Non-offending low odor

Solids – Colors: 47-51%; White: 66%

Flash Point - 100º F (TCC)

Density – Colors: 7.6-7.9 lbs./gallon; White: 11.1 lbs./gallon

US Regulatory VOC – Does not exceed 490 g/L

Stability – One year shelf life in unopened container Packaging – 1-quart cans


Application Characteristics:

Coverage – 500-600 sq. ft. per gallon (125-150 square feet per quart) Leveling – Excellent

Drying Time – 24 hour recoat

Application Tools – Brush, roller 


Recommended Use

  • Basketball courts

  • Volleyball courts

  • Racquetball, squash and badminton courts

  • Multi-purpose gym, stage, aerobic and dance floors 



COMPATIBILITY: Bona CourtLines Paint will adhere to most finishes and sealers after proper preparation and dry times. ALWAYS PREPARE A SAMPLE OR TEST AREA TO DETERMINE COMPATIBILITY. Bona CourtLines paints are blendable to achieve any custom color desired. Blending rather than tinting, maintains brightness and application characteristics.


THE BONA COURTLINES® PAINT SYSTEM: See sealer instructions for proper sequence of sealer, gamelines and finish coats. RECOMMENDED APPLICATORS: 1/4” nap roller, brush NOTE: Use separate, clean roller/brush for each color of paint.


GAMELINES APPLICATION: 1. Before application, thoroughly abrade entire floor following sealer/finish directions. Make sure paint is applied within 24 hours of floor being abraded. Re- abrade if necessary. 2. Tape gamelines according to MFMA specifications. 3. Stir paint thoroughly. Do not thin. 4. Apply evenly with the grain of the wood, using a brush or 1/4” nap roller. Apply a thin coat of paint at a rate of 500-600 sqft/gallon (125-150 square feet per quart). More than one coat 


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