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Omnisports Badminton Kit is an indoor multi-purpose point-elastic vinyl sports floor with high resistance to indentation and tearing. The Omnisports Badminton Kit offers a comfortable, safe court solution with optimum slide control for badminton. Sports floors with game lines for a multitude of sports and activities can create confusion for participants. The Badminton Kit eliminates these issues by providing a portable surface with the correct markings specifically for badminton.

Omnisport Badmintong vinyl flooring close up detail



Omnisports Badminton Vinyl Flooring Detail

System Feature Build up

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Performance Protection: Omnisports’ TopClean xp™ surface treatment provides easy maintenance with no stripping; protection against scratches and easy removal of sole marks; and optimal surface friction for safety.

Compact 2.0 mm Surface: Compact 2.0 mm is the Omnisports surface without the cushioned backing. It has multiple PVC layers, a fiberglass mesh, and matching colors and patterns to other Omnisports floors.

Time-Saving Pore Sealer: Omnisports HPL’s base layer has a preapplied pore sealer, which would otherwise be applied on site. This saves installation time and allows uniform adhesion of the surface layer.

High Point Load Protection: Omnisports HPL’s high-density 4 mm base mat not only provides Class 1 shock absorption, it can withstand point loads as high as 500 psi.

System Benefits













Superior Sports Performance: Omnisports Badminton Kit is a high performance gym floor. It has class 2 shock absorption and meets all the requirements of ball rebound, vertical deformation, and surface finish effect outlined in the ASTM F2772 standard.

GreenLay™ Installation: Omnisports Badminton Kit can be installed using the 98% adhesive free GreenLay™ system. This means faster installation, high moisture tolerances (up to 92% RH per ASTM F2170), easier recycling, easier subfloor access, and reduced cost relative to moisture barriers.

Consistent Surface Texture: Unlike some other vinyl flooring, Omnisports has the same embossed surface on both wood grain patterns and solid colors. This means consistent playability and the freedom to incorporate wood patterns with solid colors.

Easy Maintenance: The embossed surface of Omnisports is designed to provide texture without creating areas which trap dirt, reducing the need for cleaning and saving maintenance costs.

Fast Indentation Recovery: Any sports floor with significant shock absorption deforms at the surface under the impact of weight. This is usually noticeable when the weight is localized, like a chair or table leg. Omnisports unique structure allows it to recover faster than other vinyl flooring.

Fewer Seams: With a standard roll length of 85 feet, Omnisports offers fewer cross-seams that competing sports vinyl flooring.

Phthalate-Free Manufacturing: Omnisports is one of the only resilient sports surfaces to be manufactured with phthalate-free technology. The components used to produce Omnisports are the same materials approved for food containers and children’s toys that can be placed in the mouth.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality: Omnisports Badminton Kit is FloorScore® certified by SCS Global Services and it is the first asthma & allergy friendly™ certified sports floor by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  These certifications indicate exceptionally low VOC emissions as well as low allergen retention.

Comprehensive Warranty Protection: Omnisports is backed by a 15-year product and wear warranty plus a 10-year warranty for moisture tolerance, representing the highest level of coverage in the industry.

Possible Portability: In some cases, Omnisports Badminton Kit can be used as a temporary athletic surface for tournaments or special events, such as the recent Games for Hope at Montreal Olympic Stadium. For information on this type of application, contact a Tarkett Sports representative.

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The Omnisports Badminton Kit is a two-piece floor that can be installed with single-sided tape in only 30 minutes. The PVC flooring with foam backing has an extremely dense cellular structure providing unrivaled acoustic comfort and ideal impact absorption.





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